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base address
the memory address of the first element in an array
base case
the case for which the solution can be stated nonrecursively
base class
the class being inherited from
batch processing
a technique for entering data and executing programs without intermediate user interaction with the computer
big-O notation
a notation that expresses computing time (complexity) as the term in a function that increases most rapidly relative to the size of a problem
expressed in terms of combinations of the numbers 1 and 0 only
binary search
a search algorithm for sorted lists that involves dividing the list in half and determining, by value comparison, whether the item would be in the upper or lower half; the process is performed repeatedly until either the item is found or it is determined that the item is not on the list
binary search
tree a binary tree in which the key value in any node is greater than the key value in its left child and any of its children (the nodes in the left subtree) and less than the key value in its right child and any of its children (the nodes in the right subtree)
binary tree
a structure with a unique starting node (the root), in which each node is capable of having two child nodes, and in which a unique path exists from the root to every other node
binding time
the time at which a name or symbol is bound to an address or to the appropriate code
short for binary digit; a single 1 or 0
black-box testing
testing a program or function based on the possible input values, treating the code as a "black box"
in C++, a group of zero or more statements enclosed in braces
the statement(s) to be repeated within the loop; the executable statement(s) within a function
a data type consisting of only two values: true and false; bool in C++
Boolean expression
an assertion that is evaluated as either true or false, the only values of the Boolean data type
Boolean operators
operators applied to values of the type Boolean; in C++ these are the special symbols &&, ||, and !
booting the system
the process of starting up a computer by loading the operating system into its main memory
the stage in an object-oriented design in which the first pass is made to determine the classes in a design
a code segment that is not always executed; for example, a switch statement has as many branches as there are case labels
branching control structure

See selection control structure.

a collection of elements associated with a particular hash location
eight bits

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