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unary operator
an operator that has just one operand
the condition that arises when the value of a calculation is too small to be represented
undirected graph
a graph in which the edges have no direction
unit testing
testing a module or function by itself
unstructured data type
a collection consisting of components that are not organized with respect to one another
user name
the name by which a computer recognizes the user, and which must be entered to log on to a machine
value parameter
a formal parameter that receives a copy of the contents of the corresponding actual parameter
value-returning function
a function that returns a single value to its caller and is invoked from within an expression
a location in memory, referenced by an identifier, in which a data value that can be changed is stored
a node in a graph
virtual function
a function in which each invocation cannot be matched with the proper code until run time
a computer program that replicates itself, often with the goal of spreading to other computers without authorization, possibly with the intent of doing harm
accessible; a term used in describing a scope of access
void function (procedure)
a function that does not return a function value to its caller and is invoked as a separate statement
a verification method in which a team performs a manual simulation of the program or design
weighted graph
a graph in which each edge carries a value
a group of 16, 32, or 64 bits; a group of bits processed by the arithmetic-logic unit in a single instruction
a measure of the effort expended by the computer in performing a computation
a minicomputer or powerful microcomputer designed to be used primarily by one person at a time

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