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C++ Plus Data Structures, Third Edition
C++ Plus Data Structures, Third Edition
by Nell Dale  ISBN:0763704814
Jones and Bartlett Publishers © 2003 (816 pages)

This book focuses on abstract data types as viewed from three different perspectives: their specification, their application, and their implementation.

Table of Contents
C++ Plus Data Structures, Third Edition
Chapter 1 - Software Engineering Principles
Chapter 2 - Data Design and Implementation
Chapter 3 - ADTs Unsorted List and Sorted List
Chapter 4 - ADTs Stack and Queue
Chapter 5 - Linked Structures
Chapter 6 - Lists Plus
Chapter 7 - Programming with Recursion
Chapter 8 - Binary Search Trees
Chapter 9 - Priority Queues, Heaps, Graphs, and Sets
Chapter 10 - Sorting and Searching Algorithms
Answers to Selected Exercises
Appendix A - Reserved Words
Appendix B - Operator Precedence
Appendix C - A Selection of Standard Library Routines
Appendix D - Character Sets
Appendix E - The Standard Template Library
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of C++ Examples
List of Sidebars

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